Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Upgrades: Tips for making life & style easier & better~Chime in!!

Everything can usually be better, easier or faster. Every season I ask myself, "Is there something I can wear that will be easier, more comfortable, look better, work better and be more 'my style?' " Usually I find something better than what I know existed before! You want to think, “If I had an hour to pack and get to the airport, what would I throw in my bag?”

High maintenance or uncomfortable items do not make the cut.
This same principle can be true for your social network feed, your cell phone apps, your moisturizer, your car, a workout, a meal, a recipe or a roommate! I love when Gay Hendricks discusses his concept of an “Upper Limit” because I find most people settle for what works and then stop looking for something better. (That’s why so many of my clients start with a wardrobe of clothes that are 10-15 years old. At some point, they stopped in their tracks. They stopped adapting, adjusting and growing!)

Another question: How can this be easier? I find the ego sometimes trips over this one. Do we need it to be hard? Scary? Do we need to be uncomfortable? Example: If you are a girl with lots & lots of beautiful hippage, do you really need to wear jeans? (Skirts and dresses are LIFE changing!!) If you have teensie boobies, do you really need a bra? (Maybe pasties will work better in some situations). If you’re a guy, do you need to keep the long, stringy hair? Or the buzz cut? Did you stop growing or expressing yourself a year ago? (5 years ago?) I loved seeing a guy friend with a Mohawk. It fit him perfectly at that moment in his life. It was refreshing and truthful.

I have a passion in helping people find better solutions! Here’s a great one. www.rareearthtones.org has ringtones of endangered animals. An elephant calling from Brett’s pocket is pretty funny, but opens a conscious conversation about his mission to save the animals of this planet.

I’d love for you to comment & share on my blog what are the best UPGRADES you have found?

What makes your life easier? Better?

Another great tip from (Skin) Dr. Murad: he snacks on organic goji berries & pine nuts. The guy looks radiant! It really is all about nutrition & attitude. 

More power to you, people. Let’s evolve.


  1. Ok - here is my indispensable upgrade. Mac eye shadow in the color Nylon. It is a sheer, shimmery vanilla and a dot on your lid (just over your iris), and a dot in the arch of your eyebrow makes you look bright eyed and fresh. Even with no make up. You can roll your blush brush over it too and sweep over the apple of your cheeks and you look luminescent, like you've spent and afternoon at the spa.! It is my every day (and SOS) go-to beauty product.

    Great post Auretha!

  2. This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately.I have found that if I have a base outfit (cami, jeans, tights great boots) I can just swap them out for other items and look pretty reliably chic.

  3. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Thanks for sharing, fabulous peeps!


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