AurethaStyle: Philosophy

Auretha has been preaching the Gospel of Gorgeous for more than 25 years, creating authentic image for "Everyday Rockstars." An Image Branding Coach & Fashion Stylist, she uses her intuitive gift to tune into what is true for her clients to help them clear through the clutter of what is not working in their lives, closets and businesses. Auretha specializes in helping entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches be SEEN SUCCESSFULLY in every aspect of their brand and social media.

Auretha is passionate about revealing a person's integral style to the world through their personal "brand image" while taking up to 15 pounds and 15 years off their look.

During Auretha's career as a Lancome makeup artist, a woman said to her, "I'm turning into my mother! Can you come home with me and help me?" Auretha puts the fun and passion back in fashion by creating the perfect look for her clients that is both creative and confident.

 "Although InStyle Magazine is the 'main vein' for American style, I don't think 50% of what you see in it is good or flattering, it's just "trendy". I want fashion and authentic style for my clients that makes people look
1) terrific!
2) vibrantly age-appropriate
3) comfortably chic
4) meets their practical & joyful needs
5) is easy to coordinate, style & travel with
6) is authentic to them & altered slightly seasonally for current fashion & trends that work
7) that expresses all of their personalities, although not at once.
Every woman has at least 15 different women in her closet!
Every man deserves to feel fashion-forward without feeling silly.

Auretha spends most of her time watercolor painting, creating gorgeous outfits or having fun with people wherever she travels. Her aim is to inspire and beautify the world.

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