Services & Packages!

PLATINUM BRANDING: I supervise the confident design of your brand. I coach you to find your true offerings, genius and clarity in your message. I oversee design of your logo, marketing products, videos, photo shoots, wardrobe for shoots, makeup & hair design, products (on and offline), social media and anything else that represents who you are and what you are offering under your brand. I style your brand authentically and intuitively with who you are, creating visual integrity to stand you head and shoulders above your competitors. $15,444/$1287 monthly **

PLATINUM STYLIST: 48 hours of Image Transformation & Coaching, as you need it.  Styling and coaching services in person or via Skype, email, by phone, text or picture messages. I will answer any question for you or style you for any occasion during my business hours Tuesday-Friday 1-9 p.m., Saturday from 1-6 p.m. Special occasion styling when available, given at least 72 hours notice. Platinum tier availability. Custom wardrobe designer and styling services. $11,997/$999 monthly **

PLATINUM IMAGE: BRANDING & STYLING $23,976/$1998 monthly **
This package designed for those who like to run with the wolves and make it happen!

The /10 Series/: 10 hours of Quantum Coaching for Rapid Life Transformation
$1800, paid upfront.  Weekly sessions are best for rapid results.

YOUR STYLIST FOR A YEAR: 24 hours, 8 sessions (3 hours each)
2 sessions each season: SPRING March/April, SUMMER May/June, FALL August/September & WINTER October/November) $3996/ $333 monthly payment 

LAUNCH YOUR IMAGE: 12 hours, 4 sessions (3 hours each)
Launch Your Image gets you started and completes the first critical sessions of closet clearing, makeup, hair and basic wardrobe. Launch Your Image can be facilitated over a weekend or over the span of a month. $2775
1) Closet clearing
2) Makeup shopping, tutorial & hair styling consult
3) Wardrobe & shoe shopping
4) Styling & Outfitting
5) Creating even more outfits! Making your wardrobe work!

A la Carte Menu
  • Image Coaching/ Shopping/ Styling Session: 3 hours, $549 **
  • Style-Your-Brand Session: 1.5 hours to style your brand on target with your true, successful self! Auretha refines your online & social media image in this Skype or phone consultation. $369
  • One hour consultation/service/shopping, $225 **
  • Speaking Engagement $2997 plus travel & quiet accommodations**
  • "Auretha~Style Show" $1197 ~up to 3 hours entertaining & eye-opening styling for your team**
  •  Day Rate: $1800 for 2 days or more


Each coaching session is 60 minutes in duration and all styling sessions are a three hour minimum (unless you purchased my Platinum Stylist package.) If our session goes over, you will be charged for the additional time in 15-minute increments of the price of the package or a la carte item you have purchased.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give me 48 HOURS notice. There is no refund on sessions canceled less than 48 HOURS in advance. Every effort will be made to reschedule you at a better time that works for both of us at the earliest convenient time. Exceptions will be made for photo shoots or driving/flights due to inclement weather.

Please pay for your session at the time you reserve it in order to be confirmed and at least 48 HOURS before the session is scheduled.

For a phone session outside of the U.S., I will call you provided you have a land line. If you are on a cell phone, there may be an additional charge to cover the cost of the call or you can call me. I am happy to use Skype.

Our work together is not a substitute for proper medical, legal, financial, or other expert advice. Please seek the advice of a licensed professional for any medical, legal, or financial issues.

Payments for sessions two weeks in advance can be made by calling or emailing me with your credit card number or, if you live locally, can be made in person via Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  PayPal payments are also accepted but not preferred.

I enjoy answering all of your questions in a generous free consultation prior to our first appointment to make sure we will enjoy working together. I spend ample time letting you know how I work and making sure we are a magical fit!  Therefore, once purchased, there are no refunds.  You are committed to your process as I am committed to giving you amazing results!  I am happy to reschedule you given 48 hours notice or, upon your request, gift unused hours to another person or donate your unused hours to your favorite charity.

You will love the results of our work together. Sometimes people get scared before they make a big commitment, so you can pretty much bank on being scared before our first session! This is completely normal. Call me and I will breathe you through it!  Transforming your image is not for the faint of heart! If for any reason you would be unsatisfied with a session, I will be happy to work with you to create the results you want.  Your responsibility is to communicate with me as soon as possible. :) Clear communication is essential to achieving the results you want in life.  I will do my best to be clear with you and I expect the same courtesy. Your results will be largely due to your commitment to this process. I am supremely confident of my ability to deliver.
Thank you!

**Additional travel fees may apply.