What Clients are Saying

My client Kimberly tells a funny shoe story!

Jen Hajj, Salt Lake, Vocal Artist
"I've been spending my 40's reinventing myself, or rather, stepping into who I always knew I was, but was afraid to show. In this pursuit, weight has melted off my body, I've found my creative voice, and taken risks. And I'm having fun.

I bit the bullet and hired Auretha to go shopping with me. It was the experience I wanted (since high school.)  People were actually hanging out near the dressing room to see what I was going to put on next. There was a flurry of interest around these flamboyant ladies at the TJ Maxx. I spent more money on clothing than I ever have in one sitting...again, I just had to bite the bullet on that one. As I go out in my new scarves, new tops and new dresses I feel so much more put together. I'm spending a little more time on my hair and makeup every morning. I'm thinking about what I look like.

It isn't to impress anyone. I'm not wearing makeup to get boys to like me, or dressing for attention. But I can tell you that when I dress like I give a sh*t (as Auretha so delicately put it), people seem to receive me more openly. Then they give a sh*t.

I'm not going to say that Auretha has changed me from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan...I'm doing that on my own. But sometimes, you need a coach at the right time, just to help you fly in the right direction. "

Lindsey Feurer 

All I can say it is someone needs to give you a tv show!
You are one of the most engaging presenters I have ever seen. I highly recommend every woman on the planet to hear your wisdom and enjoy growth!! Fantastic!
Christen Clegg
WOW! Awesome, amazing, enlightening night!! I woot-wooted all the way home in my car. Thank you so much for your time, energy and wisdom. Absolutely cannot wait until next week to learn more. Cheers girlfriend!!

“I had the joy of talking with Auretha. (Can I just say how much I loved talking with you, sweetie?) It was an amazing conversation. Auretha’s got this unconditional support vibe that’s amazing. She’s also highly intuitive – she picked up on A LOT of stuff that’s going on.Through this whole experience with my former mentor, I really started to doubt myself, my skills, the value I offer… but Auretha met me with such love and such high regard that I couldn’t keep doubting myself in her presence

Auretha led me through a couple of exercises from Gay & Katie Hendricks about feeling the feelings in your body. Doing that was amazing – I hadn’t realized how much emotion I was (still) stuffing into my physical tissues instead of expressing, since I’m already very expressive. But there’s a lot there in my body that still needs its say. Thank you so much for helping me with this, Auretha. “  
Coach Harmony Harrison

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