How do you FEEL about how you LOOK?

How do you feel about the way you look on a daily basis?



I used to feel that way. Not anymore!!

I used to feel FRUSTRATED & embarrassed by what I was wearing and the way my body looked in clothes. I had an incredibly difficult time finding clothes that fit me and felt like “me.”  I felt FRUMPY & ANYTHING BUT SEXY.  In my late twenties & early thirties I had gained an extra 25 pounds. Although I was this vibrant chick on the inside — full of life and beauty — I felt completely horrified every time I saw myself in a photo. 

I repelled my husband who was seeing what was happening to me and could feel my frustration at myself about my image. My image felt out of control. I didn’t have clothes I looked great in and therefore, I didn’t feel great in public. 

The sad thing?  I was one of the most confident and happy people I knew — UNTIL IT CAME TO MY IMAGE. I FELT BETRAYED, like I was in an older frumpy lady’s body. I did NOT feel sexy when I looked in the mirror. The clothes I had made me look WORSE than when I was in the nude. I’m an artist — I love curvy women, but my curves looked out of control in the clothes I was wearing. I’m pretty sure my depression about my image wasn’t helping me lose extra pounds, either.

The day came when I couldn’t take it anymore. I moved. I set myself free from the job of trying to make unhappy people happy. I felt like a bird with wings. I had energy to start working out and started transforming myself. I noticed every time I wore something that made me feel frumpy or dorky, I replaced it with a sexier or more attractive version. I had always been great with color & putting things together (styling) but I finally started to learn what shapes, fabrics & styles looked good on MY curvy body.

As I transformed, I started learning about ALIVENESS & unlocking the blocked energy that was trapped around me feeling SEXY, CREATIVE & ATTRACTIVE!

Ten years later, I am expressing THE TRUE ME, for all the WORLD TO SEE. I FEEL “HOT,” ATTRACTIVE & SEXY. (even with “optional” lbs!!) I want to give that gift to everyone who wants it.  EVERYONE DESERVES TO FEEL ATTRACTIVE. Everyone deserves to be seen in their best light!

It’s time to love the way you look. It affects your BUSINESS & YOUR RELATIONSHIPS!

You deserve to feel like a rock star, a goddess, a genius & a millionaire. This is YOUR GREATEST POWER OF ATTRACTION! You deserve to step out of your door, every day, with confidence that you are shining your brightest light and attracting exactly what you want in your life because your RADIANCE is set to FULL WATTAGE!!

Your Image & Aliveness Transformation can start TODAY. YOU must decide to CHANGE the way you feel about how you look — even if it’s not that “bad” it ain’t that great either!! Fortunately for you, I know the ropes to the quickest, easiest, most fun ways to STEP INTO YOUR HOTNESS! It’s fun and exciting to step into your “best self” and to have THE WORLD TAKE NOTICE!

Call me today at 801.694.8092 or email me at to schedule your first free consultation.  IT’S TIME TO LOVE THE WAY YOU LOOK! What are YOU waiting for??