Thursday, September 1, 2011

What if you're getting nothing but WEEDS from the SEEDS you planted?

Hi Sweethearts*
I'm one of those folks who wants results fast. When it doesn't happen I get really bummed out and start asking myself, "What am I doing wrong??" or I USED to ask myself that. That question is getting thrown in my stinky compost pile.
"What am I doing wrong?" is soooooooo old school.
What if we asked the new school questions instead like these: "What would make this easier and more fun?" and "What else is possible?"
In order for anything new to occur we have to start telling ourselves new stories and asking new questions. (Thank you, Access Consciousness, for the questions)
You know how you have those little joys in life, like checking Facebook or your morning latte with that little swirly thing in the middle? One of mine is my garden. My itty bitty teeeny weeny tiny little garden. I planted flowers and this is what I've been looking at all summer.
Are you feeling me here? Can you say UUUGGGGGLLLYY. It looks like a bunch of frickin weeds out there. I mean, come on! (I made the photo really nice and big so you could see what I'm talkin' about.)
I started thinking the question above as the "weeds" grew taller and taller. Did I plant the right seeds? Was there a mistake in the packet? Not enough fertilizer? I thought, "Man, those bees really are in trouble. They're not doing their job in my garden". Then I noticed the bees happily having at my sunflowers and I thought," HEYyyyyy! Wait a second here!!!! Something's fishy!"
New thought. "What if they just haven't bloomed yet? AT THE END OF AUGUST. Is it possible??"
I applied my faith muscle. This is the muscle that I have been growing since January when it appears a huge pile of poop landed on my cosmic lawn.
See it as you want to see it. Don't look at the external circumstances. Visualize it. Say it's so until it IS.
Ok. I see flowers. They just haven't bloomed yet. HOWW PRETTTTTYYY! YAY!!
Let go. Call it done. 4 days go by.
This morning I meander to water the garden to see what's cookin'.
Now I know what you're thinking. Yah, yah, I knew that was coming. A 4 year-old coulda seen that coming.
It was a surprise to me. Just 1 tiny little flower bloomed and it was like, "GOTCHA!!!"
I think I even jumped a little.
I truly had let go of seeing flowers. I wasn't expecting it which made the surprise so much sweeter. It appears I had truly let go and was just accepting those very tall weeds in my garden.
I don't know what your weeds are. You're getting a message here from the Universe, AREN'T YOU?!
I'm posting this on my blog and I want you to come to my blog and tell me what your weeds are. I want you to play the faith game and see what happens. You can post under a secret blog name so no one will know who you are! Hmm....what will your secret blog name be? ( Pile 'o Cosmic Poo is taken.)
Actually I don't know if that name is taken or not.
Magic can and does happen overnight. It's up to us to play the game. When the cosmic pile of poo deteriorates and finally sinks into the ground there's some mighty fine soil to grow good stuff in.
I made it. So can you.
All my love,
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  1. Oooooo, I love your post Auretha! How can it get any better than this?

    My weeds are all the questions and unknowns about the place where we are moving. I have my plans in motion and the bees are doing there thing with me, but my Hubby is playing in the Dandelion Patch of Negativity! He feels that no one will hire him where we are moving. He figures he can't do anything with his Masters when he is finished. I AM going to water the Dandelion Patch of Negativity with love everyday and see what grows! Thanks!

    ~Profesore de Potione

  2. Wow, I can't believe I am reading just happens that I have been mulling this same subject around in my head for the last 4 or 5 days.

    See, the way it works for me is that I need the new (new house, apartment, clothes, look, car etc) which are the weeds in my garden because I have been to impatient to wait for those seeds to grow into flowers. This has also caused avoidance of myself...NO MORE!

    I have decided to compost my impatience to see what comes from those seeds, both impatience and complaining about "not having" have both been a huge disservice in my life and is something I have let go of just this week!...yay me!


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