Saturday, October 24, 2009

letter from Cheryl Merz -

Dear Auretha,

Thank you for the amazing work you have done transforming my look and my relationship with clothing and my closet.

You guided me on the process of seeing my goals and life direction, through the emotional minefield I called my closet, into a new way of looking in the mirror and out in the world feeling and looking my essence.

The closet sorting experience was priceless. I learned what fits and doesn’t fit, the styles that are right with my curves and new ways to wear what I already had. We cleared out at least 35% of my clothes and shoes and already I had a more optimistic view of getting dressed in the morning.

Shopping with you was exciting and incredibly enlightening. My old way of shopping was to choose colors and textures that I liked and then to try to make them work on my body or with other items in my closet. You introduced me to a brand new clothing palette – new combinations, textures, patterns, styles and lots of zing and bling! You moved my shopping experience into a realm of magic, wonder and fearlessness. I expect more from the clothing I choose and my closet is an exciting place to visit – I love the colors, styles and the connection that seems to extend from me through them.

My wardrobe has become an extension of my essence and my spirit. What that means to me is that I now I love to get dressed in the morning. Choosing clothes used to be one of the most stressful parts of my day. I’d change two or three times before I settled on an outfit that usually felt awkward and self-conscious. Now, I dress in clothes and shoes that feel comfortable, fit me well and that don’t distract me throughout the day. So, not only do I think I look better, but I think you improved my work efficiency.

Closet clearing and addressing my body issues would not be at the top of my list for fun. Yet you made the process safe, fun, energizing, informative and freeing. I now have tools that I can use both when I shop and when the emotions show up in front of the dressing room mirror.

I appreciate your love, support, encouragement and strength through this process.

Please feel free to quote my experiences as well as to use me as a reference in the future.

With gratitude and love,

Cheryl Merz

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