Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If Jillian Michaels hates her *ass*, should you be listening to her???

Ok, I’ve never loved that word for a donkey & like it even less as a word for my tush. I’ve never particularly liked Jillian and now I know why.

Most people don’t love their derriere. That’s a pretty big part of the body not to love (especially in my case). Knowing that there is much self-loathing over this very big muscle and a very important part of our daily life, I vote we "GET OVER IT.”

I did.

It used to be my favorite thing to obsess over, to try to control. Bumps on your butt or the shape of it are not easy to control~even for Jillian Michaels! I like exercise but I don’t love it or use it as beat-up. I’m not one of those PUSH YOURSELF HARDER people. I do like my new Butt Bible routine. We’ll see how that goes. For now I’m just really really sore.

If you walked behind me, you might think, "Wow, that girl has a big butt."

But here’s the thing. I love me. I love my squooshy tushy. It’s soft. It’s womanly. I don’t look like a super model. I like diversity. Yeah, if it got smaller I wouldn’t be mad or anything. I don’t have it insured.

BUTT...If one of America’s top trainers hates hers, why in the world is anyone listening to her? Simply put, we want someone to tell us it’s ok to hate ourselves. It’s ok to be hyper-critical. To keep pounding away on the treadmill and keep working working at this area that we want to control and change because we don’t love it. What’s easier? What feels better?

JUST LOVE IT. (get it?? not JUST DO IT…)

That doesn’t mean (God forbid!! GASP!!) that you can’t work on your body, or do the Butt Bible...butt are you going to SUFFER until you get what you want? Maybe it’s just me, butt is that STUPID OR WHAT??!!

You wanna suffer, listen to self-haters. You wanna love, listen to me. That’s what I’m all about.

I love you AND your big, flat, bumpy, droopy, tight, bounce a quarter off of, working muscle that is your primary way to WALK & SIT.


MUAH!! xoxo
Love, beauty and truth,

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