Thursday, May 24, 2012

Energetic Advertising: Are you WILLING TO BE SEEN or NOT? Are you IN or OUT??

(Yes, this is a Come to Jesus for business people and most of the rest of you. )

Are you or are you not willing to be "seen"?

Are you open for business or a better relationship? 
Do you have a sign?  (i.e. A website?)  A profile?

Are you willing to Share or Sell what you have to offer? 

I talked to several business owners this week that weren't sure. Imagine the confusion for their customers! (It's like the facebook relationship status: "It's complicated.")

They are moved into a space, with a small or hidden sign, not wanting to spend money on the big sign, because they are "not quite ready yet." Except they are paying rent.  Some are giving away product. The current marketing plan is to meet a few locals that happen to walk in until they are ready to "go big." 

What an expensive way to learn!!!

How comfortable it feels to "settle in and get everything perfect" until several months roll by. It sounds like a good idea. You are tweaking everything and figuring it out. Time passes quickly. Hurdles seem insurmountable. Then, all of a sudden, the costs have added up, it's getting desperate, the momentum is waning and the owners are getting tired, scared or discouraged.  There is no money coming in, only going out. Hmmmm..I wonder why???  People are wondering what's going on..are you OPEN or NOT??

How many times have you seen this or felt this from a business? You were excited to go.....when were they going to open? After awhile people give up their excitement and forget about you because their experience with their excitement is disappointing.

Maybe you want a better relationship but you stay in one you don't love with one foot. People ask~ Are you dating? What is your status? Are you willing to date other people? They are wanting to play match maker. Opportunities are waiting but are you game?
Maybe you're waiting till you lose 10# to have the photos taken before you

You may get 9 months to prepare for a baby. When that baby shows up, you're IN. You are committed! You learn as you go, honey. That's how business is, too! No amount of preparation compares with taking clients or customers or going on dates. You learn from them. You learn what and how to offer what you offer.


Set a date to be ready and open the doors. You're ready enough ~or you will "get ready" as you meet your customers and try it out. No, it won't be perfect. But if you've got a good product, business will build. Your business cards may not be done yet. So what. Website not completed. So what. Your brand and your products will hopefully continue to evolve as you learn more about your genius offerings and your perfect customers. It will happen much quicker once you are all in.

Put out the BIG SIGN! (Make it beautiful!!) Do all the free marketing now! Send the message out with happy people and offer incentives. There is almost no such thing as too much advertising if it's working. You'll know when you find your groove. You can never hand out too many cards or meet too many potential clients/leads in the beginning. Just rake in the interest in your and your business! PLAY BIG and the Universe will return to you big results.

Focus especially on why you love your business or about yourself. What makes you and your product or service AMAZING????! (I'm thinking of Aseneth Horton, with Ellipse Media. The woman has a personality that will knock your socks off!! She shines like the sun. You just want to work with her just to be around her enthusiasm.) That energetic focus keeps you and your customers stunned and satisfied when you are keeping the main thing the main thing.

Set up that Match profile with your best photo and winning smile! Make the connections, take the emails. Put yourself out there, 100%. Sell that house, honey! Get the makeover, take the photos. Show yourself in your best light. Don't show me photos from 10 years ago. Believe me when I tell you that people do not like false advertising on dates. Be the real you that you are now.

You gotta be IN to make the magic happen. The Universe can only support you when you are clear with your intention!

My website still isn't perfect. I'm tweaking my blog, website, offering and message all the time. I've done the do-it-yourself website for years and upgrade it as I can. But it's up. My energetic business card is out there!  I am open for business. And you know it.

Get clear about what you want. Get 100% IN ~whether it's in your relationship, your work, your image or your success in business. Get OPEN for what you want to attract to you!!


  1. Heavens, Yes! Good word, Thunderbird!

  2. Thanks for the article! Very much enjoy your writing!


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