Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Healthy Manicures — Shellac & Gelish Review

I've finally found a product I love for my nails to keep them gorgeous for 2 weeks or more. I looked up reviews for an hour and thought you'd like to reap the rewards of that time and knowledge JUST for being a part of my world!!

Please comment on your experience with these products and enjoy!

Who you use as your nail tech makes a HUGE difference. You can apply regular polish until your next visit, just know that if you use Acetone remover, you will remove your shellac/gel base. 


  1. Auretha, I LOOOOOOVE Shellac polish! I get now get a regular manicure every 3 weeks for the first time in my life. It lasts through horse and ranch stuff. I will never do without it . xoxo Terah

  2. Me too, love shellac. Stays on no matter what. Makes me feel glamorous! ~Candice

  3. Auretha, thanks for the link. Those before and after pictures are AMAZING! I saw them at: Even short nails looked great.

    Many blessings,


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