Saturday, December 10, 2011

See Yourself through the "Glory" Filter!

I recently saw Diane Sawyer on her show while I was at the gym, gloriously haloed by her filtered lens. Since all the TVs were side to side, her image was in stark contrast to the harshly realistic HD cameras used on the other news anchors. (I'm pretty sure Barbara Walters was the first to use the wrinkle-free filter.) I almost felt as if I was tuning into a more beautiful, heavenly world where angels sang as she spoke.

I didn't mind one bit. I didn't mind being spared a wrinkle or two. She looked gorgeous and god-like with perfect makeup, hair and clothing after years of experience figuring out what works best for her. She looked feminine and smart.  

Diane is the perfect icon of the mature woman. I was still able to see her essence through her "glory" filter. 

My point is: Why not see ourselves through a "Glory" filter? What would it be like to look through a lens that makes us look and feel good about ourselves rather than seeing ourselves through a harsh filter that magnifies our every "flaw"?

Would you be willing to see yourself in the best light?

Literally, would you be willing to have a mirror and lighting that makes you look and feel good rather than heavy, wrinkled, bumpy & bruised?

So what if your mirror makes you look 10% thinner & taller? I'd be curious to see if you lost weight after seeing yourself in this mirror for awhile. One of my perfect clients has a mirror like this and I think it's a good experiment. Try feeling better about you for a little while every day, using any tool in the book!  Use peach lighting that goes vertically down the wall, so you are not lit from above but evenly illuminated.

Stand up a little taller. Suck in your stomach. (You might find yourself wanting to do an extra plank or two!)  Feeling better creates being better. Being better creates doing steers us into the current in the river where we are headed in the right direction.

Let's stop with the "Be Hard on Ourselves and Others" crap. It doesn't work. It doesn't change a thing except making it worse. Create what you want from a place of imagining yourself as you would love to be! Use your imagination as much as you can every single day. Try it out and report your results right here! 

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  1. I LOVE this website!!! Content-rich, interesting, and I feel more sexy just reading it! You have quite the personality and you let it shine here, I love it!

    Shelly Shumway


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