Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Elements of a Great Coat

There is so much to say about a great coat that I'm going to narrow it down and be brief, since I've never had a busier season and I'm guessing you might be busy, too!

5 Elements of a Great Coat

1) A coat that does not attract lint or pet/people hair and is easy to clean.
Just like your hair, makeup, bag & shoes, your coat needs to look impeccable. Impeccability sends a very strong statement that you care enough to get the details right. If you've got little kids, animals or are a slob, make sure you get something easy to clean or that has a slick outer layer. Dark colors show hair the worst!
If you're covered in fur anyway (you know who you are), consider a vintage fur coat from our local Unhinged in Sugar House. (I'm not a fan of killing animals unless it's necessary.) You may occasionally see me in vintage fur or fake fur. Great looking fake fur is everywhere! It's soft, lightweight and warm.
Check your coat in sunlight every week! Take a damp washcloth and see if you can lightly wash stains or spots out. If not, act fast to clean before stains set and do not subject to dryer heat until you get spots out. Take special care to look at the ends of your sleeves.
2) A coat that is warm.
If you're going to do down, make sure the lines go up and down instead of across. I don't like seeing the Michelin Man everywhere I go.
3) A coat that has great lines & a great style.
My personal favorite is a knee length coat. It's elegant for men and women, keeps your butt & lower back warm, and is eternally stylish over dresses and slacks. Make sure it fits but it's not too big.
Have a second coat (can be shorter length) that's daily for trips to Costco. It's a little easier to get in and out of your car and keeps your longer, dressy coat clean for nicer occasions. I see most people err by wearing their daily short coat when they should have a dressier coat for business.
4) A coat that is comfortable & easy to move in!
If you've ever tried on vintage wool coats, it's shocking how heavy they are! Thank God for microfibers (easier to clean & they don't attract moths.) Save purchasing wool for your sweaters with a silk next to your body to save your sweaters from washing every time you wear them.
I have safety concerns around coats. You need to make certain that you can drive easily!! Try on a coat and pretend you are driving with your arms around your steering wheel. See if you can touch your elbows with a little give in your coat. Stretch is a wonderful thing. I've been known to have a panic attack in a too-tight coat!
5) A coat needs to have some color or ShaZZam! quality.
Nothing is more boring than the sea of black coats at Sundance. Not only are they very dangerous because they are invisible at night, they are BOORRINGGG and steal the color from your face. If you have one, and I know you do, if you don't love it, donate it! If you love it, get the best colorful scarves that look great next to your face and bright gloves (which you can see when they fall out of your car).
You deserve a Rock Star coat! If you let me help you pick it out I can help you save lots of money & time by teaching you how to make the best investment for your body shape and lifestyle. A good coat is a best friend in winter and when taken care of properly, can last a very long time.
Happy Winter, my friends!!
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Auretha Callison
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