Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to have WHAM BAM Thank You MA'AM Breakthrough Results!

Hey Lovies!
I've had some WHAM-BAM-THANK YOU MA'AM big wins lately. I want to share the process I've taken in hopes that it will inspire and guide you to more success and breakthroughs.
1) Say YES to "Woo-Woo": Emotional/Spiritual/Mental/Physical Healing techniques
I demand a solution for what's not working in my life. I ask, seek and knock on every door for solutions for myself and my clients. Because of my relentless desire to learn and grow and heal, I continue to find better, faster and more effective tools for leaving the past behind and clearing old energies to make way for new vision. I use these tools religiously/daily and that is a huge reason I was prepared for my latest "upgrade!" (Did you read that last week?) I'm using these tools now in my coaching/healing sessions, if you want to get "in" on that!
2) Follow your Inspired "Leadings" or "Hunches": Say yes to the yeses and no to your no's! ( I teach techniques to help you learn how to do that, too!)
Within the last two months I followed inspiration to a few meetings where I met five people who circled around me in the same week to give me the support I need to launch my new, bigger, bolder brand of Auretha.com. I had to say NO to some things that were politically correct to say Yes to, at the risk of hurting feelings and business relationships. I had to honor a deep NO within myself. When I made these choices, other offers opened up IMMEDIATELY that I felt inspired to take. Sometimes it takes OVARIES/COHONES to do the thing that is right for you to do!
3) I knew what was holding me back was that I did not have the right support team in place.
I'm a giver. I've given more hours of my time and expertise than I can count, just like you have, because giving feels good.

Let me tell you what also feels good...receiving! Somehow all the stars were aligned from the above actions, so the Universe was able to deliver my support team! Ted is a Wordpress Wonder & SEO stealth secret operative. Elisabeth is a VA (virtual assistant) who loves to play with words, develop products and has a sky-high perspective. She has the best overview of my business because it's her genius and because she cares. You cannot buy that kind of support. Also in the bunch are a few whiz kids on creating beautiful websites, facebook and filing. Seriously. It takes a village to create what I'm up to. I literally want to change the world. This team gives me permission to dream higher and further and gives relief to the endless supply of mind-numbing questions an entrepreneur faces.

Because of this team, I will now be able to develop products and solutions for people all over the world, rather than having to meet one-on-one with me. That's global, honey. I was made to play globally!!
So I asked and kept on asking. I supported others (and still do). I followed inspiration. I said NO. I said YES! I received! (BIG relief!) Now I have come into meeting some of the most amazing women I've ever met that are insistent on becoming my clients in order to play as big as they can in their own lives. I can play full out with all my giftings because they "get it." (They get that intuitive healing is as important as having a Rock Star wardrobe to meet your dreams!)
The icing on the cake on top of the icing on the cake? I've lost about 8 lbs and am fitting into a whole new wardrobe of fun clothes. I'm preparing (inside and outside myself) for TV and to be seen on the world stage. I don't know WHEN or HOW but I know the WHAT: Helping people feel and look better in the bodies they have right now.
There's an upgrade that I've been preparing for, and it's here. I am doing the process that I help my clients achieve. It feels great!
ONward & Higher to you, my friends!
As always, please share your comments & questions on my blog.
Maybe the support you need is a coach (or a stylist) or a gardener...what are you waiting for?
Start asking and when the perfect person shows up.
Love & Beauty,

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