Wednesday, October 26, 2011

REALationships Class: Kicking Drama to the Curb ~Forever!



Auretha Callison

Image & Aliveness Guru
REALationships Expert

Kicking Drama to the Curb … Forever!

Is “Drama” in your relationships driving you crazy? Do you feel like you’re dating the same Mr. Wrong in different pairs of pants? Are your personal relationships are keeping you from happiness & success?

Do you wonder if something is wrong with you?
Aren’t you smarter than this?!

If this is you, don’t miss out on this amazing, eye-opening, life-changing series of classes on how to transform DRAMA to SUCCESS. Your parents, most likely, never knew this stuff … so how will you learn it if you DON’T take a class? Here’s your chance!

We (your host friends and I) are offering you a committed, connected experience that will change your love life, as well as your entire life, with mind-blowing skills based on the work of Drs. Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks (as seen on Oprah, Larry King, etc.). I have studied their groundbreaking work for 7 years and have seen AMAZING results in my own life and in the lives of my success-addicted clients!

$500 Value for Only $175

·         4 Week Course - Top training techniques for 2 hours each week
·         Learn new “Goddess” tactics to reveal the best, real YOU
·         Commit to be there … No looking back!

To your lifelong success in relationships ~ I’m ready to share my secrets with you!

Auretha Callison

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