Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fun Giving Story! + Maggie Moo's Chocolate Ice Cream Crack! + Bertha the Banjo from the 1930's

(I am throwing out my old "giving in secret" stories right now because this is just too fun!) I am also not worrying about editing this or writing it correctly. Too many other things to do today and I just want to get the word out about this banjo!

I rarely eat ice cream but if you’re going to, head to Maggie Moos to get Dark Chocolate. It's chocolate  ice cream crack!
I head on my way to the Sugarhouse farmer's market with a bowl of  chocolate crack, with a cone stuck to the top. I am enjoying it and just so joyful it's oozing out of me. I'm aware that it is going to take some effort to eat this mound (a small!) of ice cream.
I cross the street and I'm winking at people that are staring at me and smiling. It had to be a funny sight. (Girl with huge ice cream tower crossing street!)
At the other side, sitting underneath the lightpole was a sad young man with a sign that said,
"I'm hungry and some jerk stole my banjo."
He had on cute red shoes~ not your regular wino.
So I look at the ice cream and I look at him and with a huge happy smile I say, "Would you like some of my ice cream?"
He's like “What?”
It takes him a second to come out of his sad fog and he's like, “Yeah!” So I have him grab the cone and some ice cream (it was messier than that) but the main thing is that is just brightened his mood so much and made me so happy to share this enormous pile of chocolate crack.

It was very little kid~like and I smile now thinking about how many people might have seen us making this exchange, waiting for the light. It was pure joy, let me tell you. So I go on my way, looking for a meal to buy him at the market. No instant meal is available at this farmer's market, so I buy my stuff, looking at all these people with food and thinking, "There is someone hungry right over there...who will feed him?" (just an awareness of the whole "food here/hungry there" easy to find balance in this Universe) I come back by and before I get to him, I notice a woman from the market giving him 3 hummous containers and trying to give him more. He is joyful and gets up, thanks me and takes off with a smile on his face!

Brett & I meet at Barnes & Noble for an hour and he takes me to my car. We're talking about how hard/weird our day was (Brett's worst day-one of those snowballing, everything breaking day) and we both make a move (at the same time) to shift. He starts into appreciation and then I share my ice cream story. I ask then if we can pray that this cool kid gets a better banjo than the one that was stolen. We agree to agree for that.

At that EXACT MOMENT I look to my right and the same kid is walking between my car and Brett's. I jump out and say HEY! We were just talking about you and your banjo!!
He smiles and comes out of the little fog on him and says that it was a banjo from the 1930's and called Bertha the Banjo or something like that and talks about how special it was. He said, “It was the best banjo in the world.”
I kept saying, “Well you're going to get that or something better!!”, knowing how impossible this must sound to a guy with a lost~banjo broken heart.

I said, “Are you fed?” and he was like, “oh yes, I just had some great hummous."  We were both inspired to give him some more money. He kept thanking us. I told him that recently I had had people buy me a few meals and how much I appreciated it. (It really makes you appreciate money for food!) I handed  him money and said, “Pay it Forward!”

Isn't that wonderful?! I want to say his name is Ian. WOULD YOU PRAY & AGREE WITH ME THAT THIS KID GETS A BETTER BANJO OR HIS ORIGINAL BACK in great shape?? I WILL REPORT BACK when I see him again.
I have a special place in my heart for musicians!
Thanks, "Church"!
Love, Auretha


  1. Auretha, only you would notice his shoes. You are a great storyteller. More! More! :) xoxo Terah

  2. Wonderfulness! I will definitely pray for his banjo.


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