Friday, August 19, 2011

Where do I get better pants & jeans???

What consistent problems & challenges are you having with your image, wardrobe & style?? I'd like to know so I can help!! ;)

    • Tracy Cash I need pants. But I come home with more shirts. Can't seem to find pants that fit well, feel good, go with my shirts, and are within my budget.
I don't shop often. Historically, most of my clothes were from Eddie Baeur. Some REI. More recently (2 yrs ago), bought some from Urban Blues. Have gift certificates to Macy's and JC Penny, but don't really like their stuff. I like sporty and classy looks with a bit of something unique. I've been adding a bit more sexy/flirty to my wardrobe in the past couple of years. I have one pair of jeans from Banana Republic. I wear them everywhere, but it killed me to spend that much! And they don't even fit right. I have to wear a belt (which looks great) and they're too long. I'm 5'3".

  • I've attached a couple of cheesy shots where I was experimenting.........I don't have much in the way of full length photos. :)

    You've got a great figure. You shouldn't be having trouble finding jeans to fit you!  My thought is that you just need an update on where you're looking, which is why you asked.
    Off the top of my head, I'd love to see you in super dark blue jeans with no whiskering, since we want to add to that 5'3" self of yours visually.  You need to find a lightweight jean with some stretch. (weight adds heft and bulk but can be smoothing for those gals with bumps or curves where you don't want them. A little stretch is critical for a great fit, just make sure you don't get too MUCH stretch!

    Most great jeans now are at least $85-150.  Back in the day, I think we all got spoiled with $25-40 jeans but things have changed. If you find jeans or pants you LOVE know they are worth every penny of $150 because you will wear the snot out of them. I know, breathe. You only need about 3 pairs to survive. Then, if you find jeans or pants you love somewhere cheaper and the waist or length isn't right, drop $20 to have them altered. Curvy girls know this secret!
    Off the top of my head:
    Have you tried Joe's jeans? (Try them on at expensive but GORGEOUS Anthropologie!)
    I'm excited to try Levi's Curve jeans. Look online and choose the curve that looks right for you. You may have to order them online because they're not available in most stores yet.  If you sign up on the website for updates they email all kinds of coupons to you for free shipping. Let me know how that goes. I think everyone can use a pair of Levi's for simpler, outdoorsy or more western looks with boots. They are great for long sweaters because there is no pocket detail to interfere with your sweater falling smoothly over your bottom. (Bottom: do I sound like a grandma or what??!)

    For budget conscious girls with time on their hands: try Ross and TJMaxx. You really have to try them on and do a serious road test since there can be subtle flaws that can unravel later, but you can find some great deals.
    For someone in a hurry: try Nordstrom for great women's jeans in the young women's department. Nordstrom is super picky about what they buy (quality for the most part) and you'll have a luxurious experience. I'm pretty sure they still carry Joe's jeans, too. Try the Honey.

    Cheaper and crappier but will probably fit: The Limited

    Avoid Eddie Bauer at all costs..unless you want to feel 60.  REI? LOVE the company, hate the fit. They must be using boys to create their REI women's line. Horrifying, death defying coochie-cutting rise. Ouch. Lulua..something..Lole?? That's a great line!! Super expensive but amazing quality. So try on anything at REI that's not their REI store line but know you may end up feeling more like a guy. We're going for sexy save REI for hike/bike/paddle wear.  Macy's; maybe...for sweaters? or bras. JCPenney? Walked through there the other day, just to see. No.

    Tip: Go when you're feeling a little bloated. It's so much nicer to know they looked great after a bag of Dorito's.
    I'm going to do my best to think, stalk, search and share this question with others in this blog to find you some great options! I have to noodle on things for awhile.  These photos are great by the way, except I can't tell the size of your waist. Measurements would help! (hint hint) As I find more options I will post underneath in the comments section, so keep checking back. Thanks for helping everyone out by asking the question many women have!

    Just found a great blog page and my favorite brand for my muscular, sexy boyfriend who has trouble finding jeans because his waist is a size 33, 34 length. STITCHES, style "Dakota" works really well for him..we love these jeans!! not cheap but well worth the price if you are willing to learn how to take care of your clothes!
    Everyone, please share! I need some serious help promoting my blog, which I'm pretty sure doesn't suck too bad. I'm going for @Dooce results, which only took her 10 years. Heather, if you're listening, I would love to style your SERIOUSLY gorgeous self. Thanks for making the world a better and more expanded place for women. 

    Kisses and hugs, 
    for CURVY, FLAT CHESTED, Remarkably UnCelebrated Women everywhere!
    your Fun Fashion Fairy!

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