Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't worry about wrinkles~age beautifully by shining your most gorgeous light!!


  1. Amen Sister!
    As someone just doing video, it's easy to be intimidated, however, with a little bit of love it's not hard for me to admit I look better then I thought I would!
    I recently read a study where the majority of men said they clearly understood that the advertising version of woman is fake, and yet we still compare ourselves to that unattainable image, which by the way, as you pointed out is unattainable because it's simply not real.

    Thank you for your beauty and honesty!


  2. My face tells the story of my life. When I'm happy in my authentic self, I don't notice the "flaws" as much. They disappear when I am being real. xoxo Terah


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