Sunday, January 3, 2010

Testimonial from Holly's coaching session yesterday! We took everything she wanted to create, mapped it out with her gifts and genius qualities, and started branding how she will show up in the world!

 "Imagine being ready for someone to recognize your internal GPS & see you for the beautiful & perfect you that you don't see like others do. Imagine claiming this & being supported in what you need to do, hold the space for what you are ready for, and lovingly give you the most EYE OPENING & PIVOTAL EXPERIENCE OF YOUR ...LIFE! Auretha has a magical gift that entered my life precisely at the right time to coach, guide, & encourage me to play BIG - catalyzing all my ideas on the floor (more space to dream, move & play with) literally mapping out what my imagination wanted to express in the creation of my new life & coaching business. If you are ready to move in the direction you want to move, she will get you there. She is very giving and has a nurturing approach that inspires creativity, safety, and freedom. She is one of the best coaches in Salt Lake I have found!"  Love, Holly Barber

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