Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ball Point Ink on Microfiber Furniture - Use Purell Hand Sanitizer with a clean white cloth

By Rick and Roni (Guest Post)
We used Purell hand sanitizer to clean several different ink pen spots - dabbed a little drop over each spot - rubbed lightly back and forth with a cotton towel. MAGIC.

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By Rebecca (Guest Post)
ANYTHING is supposed to come off of a microfiber sofa with a basic alcohol solution. When we bought our sofa, the salesman wrote our phone number on one of the cushions with a ball-point pen and then cleaned it off with the solution in a spray bottle and a terrycloth towel. We were SOLD!

If alcohol solution does not work, try Mostenbocker's (can be found in the cleaning aisle at Home Depot). There are several different Mostenbocker formulas - I've used #3 to successfully remove dried, red NAIL POLISH from a WHITE down comforter. It's a little labor intestive, but it's AMAZING. I've also used another one of their formulas (#7?) to remove melted chewing gum from the cloth upholstery in my car. Their cleaning products are second to none.

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