Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All of a sudden you could be famous like Susan Boyle!

You could be famous, ALL OF A SUDDEN! All of a sudden, all the world could see you - and possibly, as happened for Susan, misjudge you and your talent based on your exterior not matching your interior!
Susan rocked the world, and later was extremely unhappy with how she saw herself in front of the world - as "frumpy." No one believed she was 47.
Don't let it happen to you! Make your interior and exterior congruent. Susan's expression was a surprise and a delight to the world - just showing us that beauty is often hidden and talent- right beneath our nose!!!!
Blessings to all of you talented, powerful, generous, believable, beautiful, altruistic, creative, imaginative geniuses! May you stand before Oprah,Simon, Britain and/or the world totally prepared!!!!
(and if you're not ready, or need some help, give me a call!)
Love, Auretha
your Fun Fashion Fairy

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  1. Such a great example Auretha. I often go out in a frumpy sort of look, though nothing to rival Susan Boyle. But I always enjoy how others relate to me when my inner and outer are congruent. :) Love you girl!


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