Friday, November 14, 2008

A Robin's Egg Blue Couch for my NEst!

After investing in the lives of amazing clients in Seattle, I came home to find that it took me a week to recover, and then another week to discover my own creative energy again.  It was time to redecorate my home studi0!!!!  I'm sure my coaching clients will LOVE my new robin's egg blue couch!  The whole room just sings!  There are new walls to paint, new paintings to paint, a well of inspiration in the colors of the pillows and the room.
The hard part was letting myself rest.  My computer had a virus for a week and it was a good thing that I couldn't get online.  I laid on the new couch and did NOTHING.  I thought.  Maybe.  I looked.  I was.  And that was the refilling that I needed. 
 Next came filling up the image well with decorating magazines.  I was utterly sick of looking at clothes.  Magical images of sofas and chairs floated through my head.  Me and the space heater were one.  The flickering flames in the fake fireplace were all that I needed to complete my magic.
Now I am ready for magical clients again to fill my week.  I love them and I am knowing how completely I needed to love and nurture myself so that I have love and nurture to give to them again.  :)  

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