Monday, September 15, 2008

Ostrich dressing and things I felt sad about today....

I am amazed at what people wear. It almost seems as if people dress unconsciously, like no one is looking. Like the parable of the ostrich with their head in the sand, "if I am not looking , then no one else is..."
I went to a new bank today. While waiting, I noticed that everyone that came into the bank for a 20 min time period had horrible pants on. Baggy butts, chopped off pants, ugly, baggy wrinkled khakis on both men and women ( ...shudder!!!!) I felt sad.
I also went to a designer consignment store. The salespeople were what can only be described as Not Nice. I also felt sad. People buying clothes that were very expensive, even on consignment, and STILL not feeling good. Geez! I did notice that the clothing was much nicer quality, and more interesting, but I still noticed that within myself I cared NOT what the designer tag said but I cared only for the quality and the artistness of the garment. None of these people were having any fun!
Fun with Fashion I say! I had fun. I noticed that I needed a basic jacket to wear because it is getting colder. Now what would be the most fun jacket, I said to myself??? I'll let you know when I find it.

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