Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What to Whack — Venus & The Rose Bush

Brett dropped the nut off the swamp cooler drain into the rose bush. (Thanks Honey.) Not just any rose bush, this mammoth had been growing all spring without a trim, approximately 8’ x 8’ x 6’ deep. I decided it was worth $5 and one less trip to HD to find the dang thing. I finally borrowed the hedge trimmer and got to work. I trimmed out the underside of the bush (which fortunately hadn’t bloomed yet) to see the bed underneath. I found the nut. What I learned while finding the nut was worth more than a dumpster full of sticky branches.

The bush had all these impressive upward and outward branches with blooms. But inside the bush, 1/3 of the mass was dead, brown branches. They were easily broken off with a flick of my wrist and removed without sticking me! They didn't fight me. They were dead.

This massive, exterior growth was hiding a bunch of dead stuff. Once removed, there was space to see inside, to see to trim in the right directions.

It dawned on me how much I am seeing this pattern in my life and the lives of most people I know!

My business has grown, and changed, and grown, and changed directions several times over the past 10 years. Now I’m doing more integrated styling and coaching to help entrepreneurs with their overall brand. Those rapid, tall, outreaching growth spikes are the things I’m doing now that I’m passionate about because they are FUN~pure, unadulterated pleasure reaching for the sun. Making someone feel stunning and gorgeous for a photo shoot for their web presence is pure candy for me.

The foundation of my work is coaching from The Hendricks Institute that helps people feel better, have juicy relationships and access their genius. In between the fashion styling and the foundation were tons of things I tried. Some died and some grew livelier. Some I have outgrown.

Kim Falconer was teaching Good Vibe University students about what is happening with Venus in Gemini (retrograde) right now. Venus is a representation of art and personal artistry, beauty, "love, what we love to love and in Gemini it’s what we think we love." She said that from April 4 to Aug. 7 we are re-evaluating what we really love and value. This time of Venus is about core values. It's about getting in touch with what we really want in relationships — to money and everything else. "Venus is about our powers of attraction...Know thyself, and GET CURRENT." Thanks Kim! 

Are we allowing for change and re-evaluation?

All the things we have loved, or did work for us, are now up for whacking. There are so many opportunities for growth and transformation. What is dead? Not working? Not growing? Does it feel stuck or inauthentic?  (Don't be quick to whack your primary love relationship necessarily...we're in for a couple of learning bumps in the next few months...but that's a different story.) What is attractive to you? What are you attracting?

As we prune our dead and growing branches, we can direct the growth of our flowering in the future. When we trash the dead, we create space. (Closet & house clear-outs are HUGE right now, too.) Don't be offended when someone unsubscribes from your email list. It's about getting clear with what serves us right now. Kim suggested that we do a core values exercise three or four times between now and Aug. 7.

How lovely! Space. Re-evaluating our core values. Relationships. Sounds like "Getting Present" to me.

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  1. Great post, Auretha! Love your insights! Thank you.


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