Friday, August 12, 2011

Releasing Your Inner Stripper and FEELING GREAT NAKED….carefully!

Dear Beloved Guys & Gals,
Last week I talked about working with your “I AM’S” and I mentioned one of my new I am’s: ” I am great naked!” My family line was not one who found being naked a friendly thing to share, so now I’m always exploring new ways to feel great naked ! I was feeling great naked last week. In true Image Stylist fashion, I was doing my self-care rituals of dry skin brushing and applying self-tanner on my lily-white legs for our long-awaited warm weather. Dancing music full blast, I decided to play with some beginner level “stripper shoes”.
A favorite client of mine (who used to be a dancer) revealed to me that doing stripper moves in super-high heels is a fabulous way to firm your legs so I got busy integrating those moves and shoes into my fitness repertoire! I was dancing (newly browned up) and had pulled just enough shades in my living room to avoid a heart attack for my Mormon neighbor mowing across the street. I was dancing and working those legs and having the TIME of my naked life. As I danced my way into the bath area to attend to some more pampering I managed to crash my knee into the vanity. The site of blood running down my freshly browned leg was NOT sexy and painful. Immediately I knew that I had just created an UPPER LIMIT on how good I can feel naked! DANG!
An “Upper Limit” is a term coined by my mentor Gay Hendricks. It refers to an unconscious action we create to pull ourselves out of feeling good in a way that is higher than what we’ve experienced before!
We create all kinds of Upper Limits daily. What are some of yours? I know how to feel great clothed and now I am working on feeling great in the buff. Where would you like to expand your “feel good?” In athletics, income, relationships? How you show up every day in your appearance and attractiveness???
I provide coaching with insanely expert tools like the one I mentioned above ( that I learned from MY expert coaches.) I will help you to actualize the goals you want to achieve and create!! Unfortunately it’s not enough to just want something and visualize it or try it or dream it, we have to learn how to integrate feeling good at higher and higher levels. We need to become AWARE of our upper limits and conscientiously up our anty! This week I will feel good naked a little more and more (like in the hot tub) and hopefully get in more “heel time!”
Listen to my call on LOVING YOUR BODY IMAGE!!

INTUITION VISION SESSIONS: Bringing my greatest GENIUS to my work!

I’ve been having visions since I was 12 years old. I’ve encouraged literally thousands of people with extremely accurate “prophetic” words & visions. People experience a unique vision of themselves and “get” who they really are for the first time. (It’s so helpful to have other people really “see” us, don’t you think?) Many times people hear the exact information they need to move forward or release something that’s been holding them back for a very long time.
I’ve been bringing this to my Image Styling & Branding business since the beginning, seeing the true and authentic style of every person. But now as people are increasingly more curious about their spiritual purpose, I am clear this Intuitive gift I have needs to be an exclusive offering of my business.
I offer Vision Sessions in 3 parts:
1) Information- visual, auditory, however it comes to me
2) Interpretation- spelling out what it means
3) Application- coaching on how to apply it

My Intuition Vision Sessions generally range from 35-45 minutes. I would be happy to extend the session if you’d like or offer a follow up session to see how you’re doing in a few days. Email me for more information at
If you’d like to include this session as the start of your image transformation it’s a great place to start!

How to work with Auretha

If you’re curious about how I can transform your life, your image or your brand, I provide a fee-waived 30 minute conversation. We can meet via Skype, Gmail video chat or old-fashioned phone! I offer image coaching packages starting with a 3 session minimum, because that’s the minimum that it takes to get lasting and powerful results. Intuitive Vision Sessions or Intuitive Image Branding sessions take less time.
Want to know how I changed my image and how I can help you change yours? Click here
Remember, I will personalize your process to meet your needs because every person is different, and expressing that difference is what turns me on.

Auretha Callison
Image, Branding & Aliveness Coach
Show the world who you really are!

Attract more than just better business!!
The times that we live in are pushing us toward great change. I’d like to invite you to follow my spiritual creatives group on facebook as TribeOfMystics!
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