Friday, August 12, 2011

My favorite moisturizers!! Local & inexpensive!!!

About this time of the summer my feet need weekly paint jobs, my heels need to be exfoliated with a Dremel sander and my skin is sick of me layering on sunscreen and scrubbing it off. Brett & I are both feeling like we can’t get enough water. Even though this summer has been mild, I’m feeling PARCHED.
The bad news??
(Seing Grandma Neck in the mirror?)
Yummy Self Care Solution??
: AMAZING MOISTURE PRODUCTS I FOUND FOR YOU. Yes, you’re welcome! I am always on the hunt for the best and I’m PICKY.
FACE CREAM: Whole Foods: Carolla’s Skin Creme
You’re not going to believe this stuff!! It’s RICH. Like cuticle cream rich, natural and lasts a long time!! And very reasonably priced!! My face feels so soft in the morning. You can hug me next time you see me as thanks! ;)
I wear it under my makeup during the day. If you ask me, I think it hides a few wrinkles! ;)
I’ve sold skincare since I was 20. This stuff is awesome, natural and I LOVE to support genius women in business!
Washed UP Soap Co.’s BODY BUTTERS, HAND CREAM & SUGAR SCRUBS! OMG! SOOO rich your hands and feet feel soft in the morning! And so many smells I love. MOCHA LATTE & CUPCAKE will make you want to take a bite out of yourself. “) You always knew you were yummy, right??
Check out their LAVENDER LIP GLOSS (omg!!) and their article on best products for your lips here. or call 801-671-6361
I FOUND these guys at the MILLCREEK FARMER’S MARKET! I Intuitively knew they were amazing! Their packaging is off the hook.. I love the little dipper sticks included in each scrub & butter! Their prices are ridiculous. A huge body butter is only $8!!! PLEASE come grab them up for you, your mom, your sister, your boyfriend & your puppy’s feet! Tell Chad I sent you.
Their blog has a great list of what you DON’T WANT on your skin!
You’re gonna LOVE IT!! Ride your bike to the market , eat dinner and listen to music from 4 -8 pm EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT in Salt Lake until it gets cold. It’s so fun!

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