Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Isn't life so full of A-Ha!s?!!
I'd been having a web "drama" with all my websites for a year and I finally met a website expert. Ellen Donovan offered to meet with me but I had so much confusion in my mind on the subject that I didn't even respond to her email to schedule. (Take a breath, Retha!)
My actions could be construed as rude, ungrateful or stupid but what it really comes down to guessed it~ fear and confusion.
What is your current "drama"? Confusion and fear can hold back our business, our relationships, our money or our health. It can hold back our confidence and success. It can be a complex bag of stories, beliefs, habits, bad parenting, lack of knowledge & indecision. Whatever it's comprised of, it's a tangled ball of mess that keeps us from moving forward.
Are there so many options and so many directions you can choose that you've stalled on the runway?
Is this how you feel around your professional or personal image, your body, your closet, your brand or how you show up in the world?

Are you looking and feeling like a pro at work? Are you clear about what looks amazing on you and what colors make you look radiant, alive and your most attractive? Do you know what to do to make the most of the clothing you have? Do you want to know how to make the most of your body and style that will be true for a lifetime?

My mission is to help you get gorgeous daily, to make it EASY instead of queasy in the morning. With my help you'll start your day with confidence, looking and feeling like the rockstar you are!
It's fall, which means it's time to get back to school, to work and to creating the life of your dreams. I'm going to make you a juicy offer because I know you want to look good and even more importantly, I know you want to FEEL AMAZING every day.
You will get organized and looking like a PRO. Your style speaks loud and clear within a few seconds as to whether you are an expert and a leader in your industry, and whether someone will hire you based on the fact that you LOOK like you know more than they do! This is science, people. This offer is one of the best investments you could make in your business and in yourself for the rest of your life.
I want you to have a stylist. I want you to feel amazing. I want you to FINALLY CLEAR UP CONFUSION in the area of your image, closet, your body, your style, your visual brand ~ wherever you need help around how you show up in the world.
Here's my solution to get you off the runway into the air with grace, beauty and confidence!

The LAUNCH YOUR STYLE package is 12 hours with me in 4 sessions. 4 sessions gets you clear, organized, stylish and authentically YOU looking your best!

It's normally $2100 but until this MONDAY at 6PM MST I am offering it for 25% off ($525!!!) for a discounted price of $1575, which can be paid in 5 payments of $315 until December 1.**
This is the best offer I can make to help you get what you want, by Skype or in person.
Although fall is my busy season, I want to offer you my fans and friends REAL HELP. Many of you have been wanting to work with me for years. Some of you may want to grab this one-time offer as a gift for a loved one who really needs it to advance their career or opportunities to find a loving partner in person or on a dating site online. We only have 1 chance to make a first impression. That's absolute fact.
THIS IS MY BEST OFFER I'VE EVER MADE. I'm making it easy. I'm making it affordable. I'm even giving you through the weekend to think about how amazing it will be when you LOVE HOW YOU LOOK EVERY DAY! No more excuses!! LOVE EVERY SINGLE DAY IN YOUR BODY and feel great for every occasion. Look like a pro, feel like a pro, be respected as a pro!
You deserve to love the way you look! Every. Single. Day.
Email me asap to schedule your first session at First come, first serve!

THIS IS A ONE TIME OFFER. Make your decision by MONDAY AUGUST 22th by 6 pm MST or NOW to get the first available appointment times. (Fridays and Saturdays go fast.)

As the ebullient body transformation coach Amanda Moxley says to me, "Auretha, EVERYBODY NEEDS YOU!!!"
It's time to LOVE the way you LOOK!
Auretha Callison
Image, Branding & Aliveness Coach
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** Payments can be made by check, cash or Paypal (credit cards) for services at (Travel fees may apply)
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