Thursday, November 12, 2009

Healthy Yummy Mexican Hot Cocoa - try it instead of tea!

Upon recommendation of my most righteous aesthetician, Kimberly Warner, I need to get more virgin coconut oil in my diet. I also could back off the caffeine and so this morning I tried something yummier...

1 heaping teaspoon good quality cocoa powder
1 TBs. virgin coconut oil ( will be medium hard at room temperature!)
a shake of cayenne
a shake of cinnamon or nutmeg (freshly ground would be incredible!)
1 packet stevia (healthy sweetener) You could substitute honey or maple syrup :)
healthy hot water

yummy! I cant help thinking about the great anti-oxidants in this drink and how the cinnamon and cayenne and coconut oil are turning on my fat burners as we speak. REVVVVING up that metabolism on this first day of cool autumn! :)

Love, blessings, blissings and beauty to you all!
Auretha the Fun Fashion Fairy

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