Monday, February 16, 2009

Lezlie talks about Clearing Her Closet!

“When I started the process of working with Auretha as a wardrobe analyst, I was concerned about the time commitment and the extra energy that I would need to expend with my already overwhelming schedule. During the process of clearing out my closet I was surprised to learn I was only using a small portion of my wardrobe. There were many wonderful clothes that I had forgotten about. I had been in a rut as far as what I wore and how I presented myself. Not only was the process fun and entertaining it seemed to allow my creative energy to flow. I have no doubt with Auretha’s help I will be able to coordinate many new and exciting outfits from my existing wardrobe. The process seemed to increase my energy levels in a very dreary winter. It was like the release of endorphins after a great exercise routine. The process added spice to an already great life. The time and energy expended were well spent. I look forward to completing the clearing process and moving on to the rebuilding phrase of wardrobe analysis. Thanks, Auretha for sharing your great knowledge base and positive energy. “ Lezlie

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